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Training Courses:

Taspony Coach Training 2021

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Soft Taspony courses

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62nd Festival of Sport - Taspony Competition Hong Kong Open 2019 Result (download pdf)


About Taspony:

Taspony was invented by Japan Nagoya YMCA in 1981 and became a new sport played among members. The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong introduced the sport to Hong Kong in 2009 and started promoting it to the community. It is a safe sport for people of all ages, and we has been offering regular training courses ever since. In 2016, we further introduced soft Taspony to our members. It is suitable for the over 40's age group in particular. 



  1. The Taspony ball is made of spongy materials. It is light in weight and safe.
  2. It does not require a large playing field.
  3. It is played by striking the ball with our palms. It does not require rackets.
  4. Playing rules are simple. It can be played in form of a match.
  5. It gives a balanced training on limbs coordination using both left and right hands
  6. It offers moderate physical activity and is suitable for people of all ages



(Available in Chinese only)

[中文譯本﹕徐啟隆 梁蔚欣(2018-04-10)]

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In the press:

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Past Events:

Mapperthon Taspony Event (2018)

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Get involved/ Enquiry:

To enroll in regular training courses, please come in-person to Kowloon Centre for registration

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