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In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, please check our announcements on service hours updates.



場地收費及開放時間一覽表 (更新2020.01)

*繁忙時間:星期一至五18:00之後; 星期六、日及公眾假期全日

*On-peak hours: Mon-Fri After 18:00; Whole day for Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

Off-peak hours: Mon-Fri Before 18:00

場 地Venue

收 費Charges

開 放 時 間 Opening Hours


Time session





6/F 綜合體育館

6/F Multi-purpose Gymnasium

籃球場 Basketball

排球場 Volleyball

羽毛球場 Badminton

乒乓球檯 Table Tennis




$ 320

$ 320

$ 65

$ 25


$ 400

$ 400

$ 80

$ 35

星期一至五 Mon- Fri 0900-1800


星期六Sat 0900-2300*

星期日Sun 1300-2200*

公眾假期Public Holidays 全日繁忙*

On-peak whole day*

備 註 Remarks:

不包儲物櫃及沖身設施 Lockers & shower NOT included

4/F 室內溫水泳池

4/F Indoor swimming pool



4/F Children Wading Pool

(July to August only)



每票3小時 3 hrs/ ticket

(全日劃一收費Same charges per session)


​成人 Adult $ 35

兒童 Children $ 25

(12足歲或以下 under 13 years old)

成人套票 Adult Package $ 350 (每套11張 2個月內有效)

兒童套票 Children Package $ 250 (每套11張 2個月內有效)

 (11 tickets/ package, valid within 2 months )

室內泳池 Indoor swimming pool

星期一至六 Mon-Sat 0630-1430




兒童嬉水泳池 Children Wading Pool

(每年7月-8月開放)(July to August only)

星期一至六 Mon-Sat 0930-1200

星期日Sun 1430-1700

備 註 Remarks: 

包儲物櫃及沖身設施Lockers & shower  included

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter or use the swimming pool unless accompanied by an adult.


3/F Children Shower Room






星期一、三 Mon, Wed 0930-1430


星期二、四Tue, Thu 0930-1030


星期五Fri 0930-1030


星期六Sat 0930-2030

星期日Sun 1230-2030

備 註 Remarks: 

此兒童沖身室專為需家長協助沖身及更衣之泳班學員使用, 如泳員可自行更衣,請使用4/F或其他樓層之更衣室

For swimming class parents assisting children in dressing and showering. For swimmers who do not need assistance, please use the shower room on 4/F or other changing rooms.


Parents should line up with children and use the shower facilities. Occupying the shower room in advance is not allowed.


​Please refer to the notice posted on 4/F swimming pool and 3/F children shower room.

2/F 健身室

2/F Health Start Area






每票2小時2 hrs/ ticket

(全日劃一收費Same charges per session)


單次票Single ticket $ 50

套票優惠Package offer $ 500 (每套11張,2個月內有效)

(11 tickets/ package, valid within 2 months )

至Fit優惠計劃Active Fitness Program $390(15次, 1個月內有效)

(15 times, valid within 1 month)

星期一至六Mon-Sat 0715-2230

星期日 Sun 1400-2130

備 註 Remarks: 

只限16歲或以上會友,並須持有由本會發出之有效「健身室准用證」For members aged 16 or above, holding valid Fitness Room User card

包儲物櫃、桑拿、蒸氣浴、按摩池及沖身設施Lockers, shower, sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi are included


All users must follow the regulations of our Centre. Any violation of the regulations by the users may result in termination of the use of our facilities. All paid fees will not be refunded


  1. Facilities booking should be made in person at the Ticketing Office (G/F) with a valid membership card. All users should hold valid membership cards and receipts for the use of our facilities.
  2. For the use of Lockers and shower facilities. Please present a valid membership card and receipt of the facilities. $10 will be charged per session at the Ticketing Office (G/F). Please do not store valuables in lockers. Our Centre will not be responsible for items lost.
  3. A penalty of $110 will be charged for locker key lost. For security reasons, all locker keys should be returned to the corresponding counter immediately after use. Otherwise, a penalty will be charged as the same term as key lost.
  4. All sessions start at the hour time sharp; squash court sessions start at every hour and 30 minutes past the hour.
  5. All facilities are for members’ use only. Number of users should not exceed a reasonable range. Bookings cannot be changed and are non-transferrable without consent from Our Centre. Facilities should not be used for assembly, private tuition or competition purposes.
  6. If a confirmed booking of 6/F Multipurpose Gymnasium or 7/F Squash Courts has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, members may apply for reallocation to any available session(s) within 7 days or refund of the facility booking charges for the unused session(s) within 30 days, inclusive of the day of the original booking. Once the reallocation is confirmed, no further changes or refund is allowed.
  7. To book our 6/F Multi-purpose Gymnasium (for assembly), 3/F Activity Rooms, 2/F Dance Studio, 1/F Activity Rooms, please call 2783 3610. (Available to our Group members, registered groups/ schools only. Not available to individual members)
  8. To book our swimming pool lanes, please call 2783 3636. $400 will be charged for each lane per hour. (Available to our Group members, registered groups/ schools only. Not available to individual members)